Bellingham, WA

Civil Engineering, Land Surveying, Landscape Architecture, Land Use Planning, Architecture, Fueling System Design

The Challenge 

Arco ampm is a popular convenience store chain on the west coast, first originating in Southern California. Barghausen was contracted by our customer, BP West Coast Products, LLC, for this particular Arco ampm project in Bellingham, WA. 

The project itself consisted of a rebrand from Shell to ARCO ampm. This included:

  • Removal of a 1,200-square ft. convenience store located under the existing canopy 
  • Removal of an 800-square ft. car wash 
  • Construction of an approximately 3,200-square ft. ampm store in the backcourt of a 3/4 acre site 
  • Addition of two islands where the canopy store was removed

Our team was faced with several unique challenges for the Arco ampm project in Bellingham. As previously mentioned, the project called for the removal of an under canopy store. In particular, the site was challenging from a grade standpoint since the canopy was to remain and two additional islands and a new store were constructed in the back court. 

The Solution  

Our customer, BP West Coast Productions, LLC, engaged our team for the following services during the scope of the Arco ampm project:

  • Civil engineering
  • Land surveying
  • Land use planning
  • Architecture
  • Fueling system design
  • Permit expediting
  • Project management 
  • Construction administration

Why Barghausen?

Since 1982, Barghausen has provided high quality civil engineering, architecture, and land surveying services to residential and commercial clients nationwide.

From land use planning to fueling system design and more, Barghausen is a one-stop shop for not only sound project design, but also effective and hands-on project management - every step of the way.

Barghausen was founded with a deep commitment to customer service, expert engineering, and effective site planning. That’s why clients like BP West Coast Products, LLC trust Barghausen with even the highest demand projects for over 30 years.