MultiCare Emergency Center

Bonney Lake, WA

Civil Engineering, Land Surveying, Landscape Architecture | 2 Acres

This off-campus MultiCare location strives to provide patients with convenient healthcare options, shorter wait times, 24/7 emergency care, and on site diagnostic services. Barghausen teamed up with PhiloWilke Partnership for the development of the 9,760-square-foot medical facility in Bonney Lake.

Unique Aspects

The MulitCare project involved demolition, grading, stormwater management, paved parking, landscaping, sanitary sewer improvements, roadway updates and utility enhancements. Barghausen provided land surveying, civil engineering and landscape architecture services. The land surveying included ALTA/NSPS and topographic surveying of the site. The civil design involved street improvements that included new sidewalk and curb ramps on the 2-acre site. We also incorporated an environmentally friendly stormwater treatment solution that involved an infiltration pond with a Bio-Pod bio filter system to provide enhanced water quality treatment. Bio-Pod systems use an advanced tree box filter design to provide filtration, sorption, and biological uptake to remove toxins, debris and harmful chemicals from stormwater runoff. Our landscape architecture team designed planting and irrigation plans that included vegetation all around the site. The surrounding landscape added a nice additional aesthetic to the finished building.


  • Civil Engineering
  • Land Surveying
  • Landscape Architecture
  • Construction Administration

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