A Life with Metes & Bounds

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As one of the first steps within the development process, Professional Land Surveying plays a vital role in the success of our projects. We had the opportunity to interview our newest Professional Land Surveyor, Desi Schilling, to look at life in the industry through her lens.

After her first quarter at Renton Technical College, she was hooked on the trade. For Desi, the past 20 years passed at lightning speed due to her love for the industry. From mapping, applied technology, history, legal issues, research, teamwork and the community, she thrives on all aspects of the art and science of land surveying. She achieved licensure in 2012, a milestone that has propelled her into a whole new category of lifelong learning.

Desi particularly enjoys how the industry utilizes new age technology to tell the story behind a site, 

“Land Surveying is a unique industry that embraces technology while protecting the fabric of history and law.” 

For Desi, the challenging part is the most rewarding, she enjoys the rich history of the complex sites she surveys.  

Land Surveying is a team effort. From the office to the field, everyone has to work in harmony and continually learn from each other to tackle the goals for each unique site. In Desi’s opinion, the team atmosphere is the best part of this field! 

The advice Desi has for women interested in a predominantly male industry is to GO FOR IT! She tributes her success in the industry to her education, the survey community, a great work ethic and the ability to live a balanced life. Along with her accomplishments in surveying, Desi has also led a fulfilling life outside the office with marriage, motherhood, teaching and volunteering.

When asked about the future of the industry Desi stated, “It is my hope that those performing in the profession will reflect diversity & have bright minds.” She also sees that the numbers and the forecasting for the future of the industry look bright. 

Desi is enjoying being part of a larger team where roles are clearly defined. It’s a luxury to be able to focus solely on licensed survey work and she enjoys the mentoring, learning, and engaging with her project team mates. 

We are excited to have Desi's teamwork driven attitude on the team and look forward to watching her grow with Barghausen. Welcome to the team, Desi!