Energy System Design

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We are an integral player in the development and expansion of energy facilities and programs for major fueling companies, municipalities, utility organizations and independent marketers across the country. Our uniquely qualified, well-trained, and experienced team of professional architects, planners, engineers, and energy system designers are committed to providing the best quality service to our clients. We have designed and permitted thousands of energy facilities since 1982. Our experience includes engineering and planning petroleum, Hydrogen, EV charging, natural gas, CNG and LNG stations.

A multitude of proficiencies go into designing energy projects. Our 7 different in-house disciplines work together as a cohesive unit to bring the highest level of expertise to energy related developments. Our experience includes designing fuel storage and delivery systems, permitting, compliance, site layout, and master program management. Our teams are efficient with large-scale program rollouts and managing numerous projects at once. With a specialized permitting team, we are able to guide clients through the regulatory compliance process throughout the entirety of the project.

The success of any energy facility starts with matching the concept of the project to the reality of the design, while incorporating jurisdictional regulations and site specific conditions of the property. We work closely with our clients to deliver a clear scope of work along with exceptional management throughout the life of the project. When projects are ready to go to permit and construction, we maintain the schedule and budget while meeting our client's operational and financial goals. We know the importance of communication during the design and construction process which is why we make it a priority on every project for the benefit of the team

Energy System Design


  • EV charging
  • Hydrogen fueling
  • Natural gas; CNG & LNG fueling
  • Solar energy
  • Underground and aboveground tank systems
    • Master program management for tank/piping standards and plans
    • Generator systems
    • Propane fueling
    • Petroleum and diesel fueling facilities
    • Alternative fueling and petroleum station repair plans
    • Dispenser replacement
    • Site/canopy expansions design and consulting
    • Alternative fueling and petroleum station repair plans
    • Raze and rebuilt consulting