ARCO ampm-Newman, CA

Newman, CA

Civil Engineering, Energy System Design, Land Use Planning, Landscape Architecture, Architecture, Energy | 1.37 Acres

ARCO ampm is a popular convenience store chain with over 1,500 fueling stations across the Western United States, including the states of Arizona, California, Nevada, Oregon, and Washington. The company also operates in several countries, including Costa Rica and Brazil. The first store was opened in Southern California in 1978, and the company has since expanded across the region.

Newman, CA is home to one of ARCO ampm’s newest locations at the intersection of Highway 33 and Mariposa Street. The project required both off-site and on-site improvements. The on-site component involved grading the property, which previously consisted of two separate buildings. The site underwent demolition before the new fueling station went into vertical construction.

The 1.37-acre lot now includes 16 fueling positions with a 121' x 50' fueling canopy, 8 MPDs, 7 standard parking spaces, a 2,900 SF convenience store, a 1,080 SF rollover car wash, and 5 vacuum stations. The property also features bicycle parking, sidewalks, and landscaping. A 10-foot CMU barrier was required to mitigate noise in the surrounding residential area.

Our team was responsible for preparing plans for grading and the storm drainage system, which included a large detention system, storing runoff before releasing it into the public system. Additionally, our civil engineering team prepared off-site frontage improvements that included public sidewalks along ‘N’ Street SR 33, Kern Street, and Mariposa Street. Caltrans review and permitting were required due to the scope proposed in SR 33. The property required 3,000 SF of landscaping, and our team was able to exceed that requirement by designing a total of 14,792 SF of landscaping.

Barghausen provided civil engineering, energy design, planning, architecture, and landscape architecture services for this project. We worked alongside Rigna Investments Inc. for the completion of this ARCO ampm.








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