Eldorado Avenue Improvements

Klamath Falls, OR

Civil Engineering, Community and Recreation

The City of Klamath Falls was in need of roadway improvements along Eldorado Avenue to enhance walkability, safety and overall community connectivity. Many citizens of Klamath Falls commented that the new roadway plan was a necessary project and were thankful future improvements were underway. Barghausen worked with the city of Klamath Falls to create an improved functional roadway design.

Phase one of the project consisted of initial site investigation, ADA evaluations, and concept development. Phase two included coordinating with various stakeholders to accomplish surveying, traffic improvements and roadway coring. Both phases included preparing construction design documents and being actively involved in meetings with city staff and the public. The new roadway design resulted in ADA friendly sidewalks, bike lanes and an overall improvement to the quality of the road, mitigating previous safety concerns.






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