Hunt and Sons

Sacramento, CA

Fueling System Design, Commercial

The Challenge 

Hunt & Sons, Inc. is a California-based petroleum products distributor. Operating from its headquarters in Sacramento, Hunt & Sons, Inc. family-owned business, and has been in operation for more than 70 years. Hunt & Sons owns and operates 13 office and warehouse facilities, 38 commercial cardlock fueling sites, and more than 200 employees.

Barghausen was contracted by LHB & Associates, Ltd. for fueling system design services on the Hunt & Sons project—specifically to install 100k gallon of above-ground fuel storage along with bulk loading, unloading, and retail fuel dispensing. 

A project of this magnitude, of course, came with its own challenges. To design an above-ground tank system for bulk loading, unloading, and retail fuel dispensing required coordination with fire marshals to obtain variance in order to exceed the allowed storage capacities listed in the fire codes.


Fueling System Design