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Civil Engineering, Land Surveying, Landscape Architecture, Permit Expediting, Energy, Multisite Program

Our firm has provided complete design services for Tesla's Supercharger facilities including land surveying, civil site design, site planning, landscape architecture, electrical design, utility coordination, preparation of construction documents (survey, civil, electrical, structural, architectural, and landscape), permitting and construction administration. We have a proven ability to manage large scale regional and nationwide corporate programs in multiple sectors. Our firm has experience managing rollout programs, market expansions, equipment modernization, ADA compliance, service upgrades, tenant improvements, environmental compliance, corporate rebranding, and more

We recently worked on the expansion of several Tesla Supercharger stations in the state of Washington. We designed each Supercharger system to meet the client’s specific requirements and each municipalities regulatory standards. Our designs were integrated into the existing site improvements to cause the least amount of disruption.

Our land surveying services included topographic and boundary surveying at the start of the project. Civil engineering services included mapping out the overall construction documents through site plans, demolition plans, equipment layout and elevation, utility planning, and electrical site planning. Involvement from the planning team included conducting site surveys, completing risk assessments, analyzing applicable legal documents & consultant studies, confirming zoning regulations, confirming agency approval requirements (planning and construction), and identifying key costs, site constraints, and scheduling issues. Our permitting team worked closely with various municipalities, Puget Sound Energy, Pacific Gas and Electric and Seattle City Light to coordinate compliance and timely permit submissions for Level II and Level III charging facilities.

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