Volunteering in the Community - Adopt-A-Street Program

Talking Trash - City of Kent Adopt-A-Street Program

Adopt-A-Street is a year-round litter reduction campaign put on by public agencies around the United States. Each year, thousands of selfless volunteers commit to removing litter and debris from areas around their community. Recently, we joined the Adopt-A-Street program with the City of Kent!

The program includes pledging to clean up an area or street (up to a mile long) four times a year, for a minimum of two years. The program offers a token of appreciation in the form of an official sign in the clean-up area, signifying a commitment to “Adopt the Street.” The city provides each crew with equipment and signage to keep volunteers safe during clean up, including reflective equipment, trash grabbers, garbage bags and gloves.

Since 2021, Barghausen proudly commits to cleaning the entire stretch of road in front of our Kent office, which includes 72nd Ave South, located between South 180th Street and South 196th Street. Our commitment entails a minimum of four in-house clean-up events per year. This campaign has been an exciting opportunity to play a role in our community, keeping the streets free of litter. On top of volunteering for a worthy cause, the program also gives our team an opportunity to work together and bond outside the office.

Why is this cause important to Barghausen?

This campaign plays an integral role in stormwater pollution prevention. Removing litter from streets prevents contaminated materials from flowing into our storm drains, which keeps our local bodies of water and aquatic habitats healthy. Additionally, keeping environments trash free helps improve the health and safety of the surrounding ecosystem, including areas with heavy pedestrian and cyclist traffic.

Interested in getting involved? Visit KentWA.gov/TalkingTrash to learn about how you can play a role in keeping our streets clean and safe.

Two Barghausen employees volunteering to pick up trash on the side of the road.
A group of Barghausen employees volunteering to pick up litter
Four Barghausen employees sit in front of the Barghausen sign, volunteering to pick up litter
A group of Barghausen employees volunteering to pick up trash in the community