Fitness Quest

Puyallup, WA

Civil Engineering, Land Surveying, Landscape Architecture | 1.62-acre

Fitness Quest is a Sports and Fitness Center that offers personal training, boot camps, and MMA classes. Fitness Quest opened a new location in 2022, in the heart of downtown Puyallup, WA. The gym focuses on "youth and advanced wrestling, nutrition courses and TRX Suspension training." Attached to the Fitness Quest is a drive-thru Gravity Coffee stand.

Barghausen partnered with Helix Design Group to prepare civil engineering, land surveying and landscape architecture services for the Fitness Quest development. This project started with ALTA and topographic surveys of the site and roadways along with initial research and due diligence. Our design team was in charge of the preliminary and final civil engineering plans which included grading and paving, storm drainage collection, conveyance and water quality treatment, rough grading and TESC, fire line extension and domestic water, sanitary sewer extensions, and construction details. The 1.62-acre site was originally three lots that were consolidated into one. The site required the removal of an espresso stand, multiple shipping containers and rubble. Stormwater plans required several new catch basins that will convey all runoff from the site. Runoff is treated by a modular wetland before entering the infiltration gallery. Our landscape team prepared landscape and irrigation plans for the site. The plans included frontage and interior perimeter improvements.








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