Stazione25 Apartments

Seattle, WA

Civil Engineering, Residential | 0.27 Acres

Stazione25 Apartments

The Stazione25 is a modern multi-family apartment complex located in the North Beacon Hill area of Seattle, WA. Barghausen partnered with Morgan Design Group, LLC for the civil engineering portion of this eight story project. The Stazione25 apartments consist of two adjacent buildings with a total of 301 units. The complex boasts a modern living style with 10ft ceilings, large windows, garage parking with electric vehicle charging, a 24-hour fitness center, game room and community garden.

The civil engineering design involved significant grading across the site, with elevations ranging from 130 at the far southwest corner of the site, to an elevation of 60 at the far northeast corner of the site. Because of the significant grade changes, the buildings required vertical cuts with shoring in order to fit on the site properly with the existing site conditions. Throughout the design process we navigated around an existing cell phone tower and an outbuilding, while designing the project to fit into the existing topography, soils and drainage patterns.

Renderings courtesy of Morgan Design Group LLC


Civil Engineering