Tukwila Village

Tukwila, WA

Civil Engineering, Land Surveying, Mixed-Use | 5.6-Acres

The Tukwila Village is a multi-purpose, mixed-use development that ultimately helped enhance the surrounding Tukwila area. The city of Tukwila, The King County Library and SHAG joined together to deliver an improved community space that features new commercial retail, multifamily residential and community gathering space.

The project site hosts almost 6 acres of mixed-use buildings with 398 apartments (most of them senior living), shopping, dining, and the Tukwila library. Barghausen was contracted by SHAG for the development of the mixed-use senior living portion of the development, providing land surveying and civil engineering services. Surveying services included ALTA and boundary line surveys. On the civil engineering side, we provided construction documents for the development of multiple buildings, including the horizontal control plan, TESC, demolition, grading, drainage and stormwater plans.

Our team coordinated with the City of Tukwila to rebuild Tukwila International Boulevard alongside the new development. We also coordinated with the library’s design team throughout the project as the two developments were adjacent to one another. This project was multi-phased with six new buildings on the site; the first phase involved the common area, commercial space and one of the residential buildings. The second phase included more residential space as well as a medical clinic and a police station. The project finished in Spring of 2021 with the last phase of residential and mixed-use space.

Photos courtesy of the City of Tukwila


Civil Engineering

Land Surveying