Barghausen’s Newest PE’s!

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For many engineers, a PE license is a personal goal they’ve dreamed of pursuing since starting college. Adding those two letters to the end of your name opens doors for you throughout the rest of your career. We’re proud to announce that countless hours of studying, grit and determination paid off for two of our engineers! Last month Austin Ng, P.E. and Vicente Varas, P.E. passed their PE (Principles and Practices of Engineering) exams. The rigorous testing process shows their commitment to the highest standards of the engineering practice. Congratulations guys!

Austin Ng, P.E.

“After college I spent 4 years as an inspector for a Construction Management firm. I gained a lot of invaluable hands-on experience and knowledge about how things were built in the field. However, I did not get any design experience until I started working for Barghausen. As it turns out, having both schools of thought in my back pocket just made me more well-rounded as an engineer and in my general knowledge going into the exam.

Studying and preparing for the exam was daunting and grueling, especially after being out of school for 4+ years. Many terms and concepts were vaguely familiar but to relearn the equations and calculations took longer than I expected. It helped taking a refresher course, however to my dismay there was no secret formula or “get rich quick” scheme that would ensure that I passed. As all good things in this life, it was going to take hard work and dedication to succeed.

Passing the PE Exam and becoming a Professional Engineer is one of the biggest accomplishments of my career so far. Of course, obtaining my license is just the beginning of my journey, but I look forward to the challenges and experiences that await me.”

Vicente Varas, P.E.

“Obtaining my P.E. license has been my immediate goal after graduating with a Civil Engineering degree from Gonzaga University in 2016. At the beginning of the year, I decided to begin the study process with plans to take the exam in April. I quickly realized how challenging the studying process would be, especially while maintaining my regular work schedule. Another challenge was to attempt to recall the different subjects that I had studied at Gonzaga but had not practiced since I began my working career. After many long nights and delays, I finally took and passed the exam in June.

Aside from the relief that the studying process is done, it was especially rewarding to achieve a tangible goal I had set for myself after obtaining my degree. Although this is just the beginning of my career as a Civil Engineer, I am excited to continue this process as an engineer at Barghausen Consulting Engineers.”

Shoutout to Gillian Huylar, E.I.T, for passing the FE (Fundamentals of Engineering) exam! This puts her one step closer to becoming a PE.