National Logistics Day – the Engineers Role in this Industrial Market

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Logistics is more than just buying an item on Amazon and having it arrive on your doorstep in two days. It involves planning, engineering, and design to optimize a space so brands can deliver on consumer purchases (literally). In honor of National Logistics Day, we are highlighting how this market continues to influence the AEC industry and the role engineers play in the process.

From the online shopping boom to freezer storage needs, the global market for logistics has grown substantially over the past decade. The need for a faster, more efficient supply chain has been necessary to appease consumer demands. As a result, the nation has seen increased warehouse development in areas near major shipping ports. As one of the major ports along the West Coast, Seattle is no stranger to the competitive industrial real estate market.

The dwindling availability of land in the Puget Sound area has increased development on properties with unique challenges. Executing feasibility reports and providing innovative design are a necessity when it comes to engineering an industrial site. Commercial trucking turnaround, parking lots, building placement and the intended use of the space are all influenced by the shape, size, and authority having jurisdiction of the site.

Our team has seen an increase in out of state developers interested in proximity to the major ports in the state. Engineers in the northwest are skilled at understanding how to properly navigate wetlands, stormwater requirements, flooding concerns, water quality and regulatory constraints. Part of providing engineering expertise is guiding outside investors and developers through the regions permitting and environmental regulations. Certain site constraints can have significant cost differences, so our team presents several resolutions around these challenges based on the client’s goals.

Another factor that has drastically influenced the industry is the COVID-19 pandemic. Building materials and supply chain bottlenecks have severely impacted construction timelines. With extended lead times developers are securing materials well in advance of permits. Some materials, like metal roof trusses, take up to an entire year for delivery. Despite these delays, our engineers have been able to keep these projects on schedule by adopting strict quality control processes. These guidelines help ensure building dimensions and materials work with the proposed site plans. This stringent quality control is executed by multiple individuals and has proven effective in securing permitting on time and with no changes down the road.

Our dedicated industrial team has successfully completed thousands of warehouse locations throughout Washington State. Their expertise includes providing guidance to major brands like Amazon, Uline and Prologis as well as developers who specialize in industrial real estate.

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