Steamboat Trading Post

Olympia, WA

Architecture, Tribal | 2,286 sf

The Steamboat Trading Post is a tribal convenience store and gas station in Olympia, WA. Our team partnered with the owner’s representative, Island Enterprises, Inc. to provide architectural design services for the remodel and expansion of the existing store and fueling islands. The aesthetics of the building were completely changed, converting the exterior appearance from CMU to wood, creating taller walls and adding a sloped metal roof with exposed glu-lam beams. New canopies over the windows were a key element of the new design. All interior finishes were updated along with new cabinetry and counters. New canopy roof structures were installed over the fueling islands. Our architects were responsible for the design and documentation for the expansion and remodel along with consulting partners who provided structural, mechanical, electrical and plumbing design. 




In-House Service


year old remodel