Tumwater Corporate Park

Tumwater, WA

Civil Engineering, Land Surveying, Industrial | 400K SF

The first phase of the Tumwater Corporate Park involved constructing the first 2 out of 6 planned buildings within the project. The first phase concluded in 2023, and the second phase will initiate upon the ownership’s approval. Upon completion of all 6 buildings, the industrial park will introduce over 1.1 million SF of warehouse space to Thurston County.

The total site consists of 83 acres, and during the first phase, 38 acres of land were cleared for the construction of buildings 1 and 2. Building 1 includes 199,900± SF, with a 36' clear height, 36 dock doors, 4 at-grade doors, 120 standard parking stalls, 5 ADA stalls, and 180 trailer stalls. Building 2 is comprised of 200,000± SF, with a 36' clear height, 44 dock doors, 4 at-grade doors, 111 standard parking stalls, 5 ADA stalls, and 114 trailer stalls.

Our firm developed plans for the 4.70-acre south stormwater detention/infiltration pond adjacent to the north end of phase 1, preserving 3.50± acres of the original forest as a tree retention area. The storm system design encountered challenges due to elevated groundwater levels during extreme storm events. While infiltration remains the sole available discharge option, a solution was devised. Storm runoff from the site is now efficiently managed through the use of four 5,500 gallons per minute pumps, each connected to an 18” force main, directing the water into an infiltration pond specially constructed to ensure groundwater separation. Moreover, the site boasts ample storm runoff storage in the truck docks, ensuring contingency measures are in place should the pumps experience any failure. Additionally, plans were made for grading, storm drainage, sanitary sewer, road enhancements, and utility relocation.

Road improvements included half-street improvements implemented along 93rd Ave SW, spanning the southern frontage. This involved coordination with WSDOT and the installation of a new signalized intersection. Additionally, Kimmie Street SW, situated along the project's eastern boundary, underwent a total rebuild of 2700 linear feet of roadway, featuring enhancements such as a new curb, gutter, sidewalk, and storm infrastructure.

Phase 2 will include the construction of 4 additional industrial buildings and a future north stormwater detention/infiltration pond designed by our team.

Barghausen Consulting Engineers, Inc. provided civil engineering and land surveying services for the first phase of Tumwater Corporate Park.

Owner: Crow Holdings

Architect: Nelson

Contractor: Sierra Construction

Photos: Seven Maples Photography









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