Victorville Mega Mart

Victorville, CA

Civil Engineering, Architecture, Landscape Architecture, Land Use Planning, Energy | 3,900 sf convenience store, 2,232 sf car wash, 4,559 sf fueling facility

Victorville, CA recently gained a new Shell branded fueling station that included a 3900 sf convenience store, 2,232 sf express car wash, and 12 vacuum stalls along with the 4,559 sf fueling facility. Our firm partnered with KA Enterprises as a build to suit developer for Shell. The 1.15 acre site is located in the heart of Victor Valley, right off of Barstow Highway.

Barghausen's architecture team designed custom buildings for both the store and express carwash to meet the city’s rigorous design standards. The developer wanted the carwash to be distinguished from the store in the event a separate entity would eventually sublease that business. Since the only location for the carwash was behind the building, the architects created a way to inform the patrons of the carwashes existence by designing a Porte Cochere entry adjacent to the store and over the carwash queue lane that architecturally referenced the carwash color and materials. The team was able to persuade the city that the standard Shell canopy image would integrate well into overall architecture which is vitally important to the brand.

The energy team designed a fueling system that included 3 underground fuel storage tanks and 6 multi-product dispensers dispensing all three grades of unleaded, diesel and E85.

The civil engineering team designed the onsite improvements including erosion control, grading, paving, storm drainage, water quality and stormwater management which employed an infiltration system with an overflow that needed to tie into a complex downstream system owned by the City of Victorville. Offsite improvements included curbs, gutters, sidewalks, refuse enclosure, walkways and signage.

Barghausen's landscape architects created a beautiful desert setting that combined trees and shrubs and groundcover that were all drought tolerant and attractive. Palm trees were added for Oasis effect and the entire scheme was well received by the developer, tenant and city.







SF Convenience store


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