Kanim Grove

North Bend, WA

Civil Engineering, Land Surveying, Land Use Planning, Residential | 12 lots

Kanim Grove is a single-family residential community nuzzled between the Cedar Falls and Maloney Grove neighborhoods in North Bend, WA. This new MainVue subdivision offers 12 exquisitely designed homes, with picturesque views of Mt. Si around every corner.

MainVue partnered with Barghausen to provide civil engineering, land use planning and surveying services in order to subdivide the original three-acre parcel into 12 single-family building lots.

This project was unique in that it had an existing single-family residence of historic significance onsite. Our team helped MainVue relocate the home offsite to an approved vacant Lot prior to site work in order to preserve the structure.

The development required mass grading for the construction of the roads and lot pads in preparation for home building. Each lot was designed as a “low impact” or LID design project to limit environmental impacts from storm drainage. Stormwater runoff from each home is collected and disbursed into a buried gravel trench on each Lot for full infiltration. Stormwater runoff from the roads and driveways is directed to a series of roadside bioretention swales in combination with gravel trenches and perforated pipe to convey, to treat and fully infiltrate stormwater onsite.

Road improvements included construction of a new onsite public roadway (SE 10th Street) connecting Patkanim Ave SE to Maloney Grove Ave SE. The new road is designed for on-street parking on one side along with concrete curbs, sidewalks, and planter strips where the fully landscaped bio-retention swales are located.

The new homes offer spa-inspired bathrooms, home offices, signature outdoor rooms, and easy access to lakes, trails, vineyards and Snoqualmie Pass; an outdoor enthusiast's oasis!Check out the available lots here: https://www.mainvuehomes.com/wa/communities/kanim-grove.








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