Pacific Gateway

Kent, WA

Civil Engineering, Land Surveying, Industrial | 200 acres, 3.6 million sf

Situated in the heart of Kent, WA, Pacific Gateway is one of the largest industrial hubs in the nation. This project started in the late 1990’s with the subdivision of 200-acres from 430 acres of Boeing property. The subdivision required the filling of wetlands and the construction of a backbone roadway and utilities to service the property. The design included a 15-acre stormwater treatment pond and nearly half a mile of 8’ in diameter storm pipe that discharged into Mill Creek. Once construction was complete, the property was sold and redeveloped with a warehouse and office buildings, totaling 3.6 million sf of office, warehouse and manufacturing space.

The next portion of this project consisted of the subdivision of another 67 acres of the Boeing property. The design included additional public and private roads along with frontage improvements. One year later, a Development Agreement was entered into with the City of Kent to enable the subdivision of the remaining 230 acres of the Boeing property. This portion of the project included 4.6 million sf of office, warehouse and manufacturing development.

In 2016, Boeing sold 70 acres within Pacific Gateway, resulting in the development of the Amazon fulfillment center along with other industrial buildings, totaling 1.5 million sf. The design required additional utilities, public and private roads, and frontage improvements.

The newest addition to the site is underway. This portion of the project includes six new industrial buildings on 55 acres. The buildings range in size from 38,000 to 341,000 sf, with 24’ – 40’ clear heights. The design includes additional utilities, public and private roads and frontage improvements. Each portion of this project came with unique site-specific challenges. Our team had to provide new utilities and infrastructure to support the remaining Boeing campus along with backbone for new development. This project required phased demolition of existing structures and severance of utilities throughout the lifecycle of the project.

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