Prologis Georgetown Crossroads

Seattle, WA

Civil Engineering, Land Surveying, Industrial

Prologis Georgetown Crossroads

Prologis is one of the top commercial real estate companies, providing logistics real estate development all over the world. They specialize in spaces that support the distribution of goods for businesses such as Amazon, FedEx, The U.S. Postal Service, UPS, Pepsi, Walmart and more.

Unique Aspects

Prologis Georgetown Crossroads was an interesting project for our team. This tri-level warehouse is the first-of-its-kind in the United States because of its double-decker fulfillment capabilities. The first floor consists of 239,029 square feet of warehouse space. The truck ramp to the 170,331 square foot second floor fulfillment center leads to court space accessible to full-size trucks, in addition to 38 loading doors. The third floor is 180,225 square feet of makers space, suitable for light manufacturing, creative offices, laboratory and production. This space is currently leased to the Home Depot and Amazon as of 2019.

This project was unique in a few ways. First, our team coordinated with the bridge designer and the architecture firm in order to ensure the grading plans had even surfaces for the ramp and building structure. Then our stormwater design team had the chance to think outside the box with the ground improvements because the scale of the structure was considerable in relation to the size of the site.

NAIOPWA Industrial Development of the Year 2019


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